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“Maybe next week…”

“We’ll have to work on that. Sometime soon. Maybe next week.”

This morning we’re in a bit of a rush to get things done before heading out. We’ll be at the Holiday Center in Duluth all week, from 11-2. Come visit us, and check out the great deals. We’ve got 15% off our FunKeyBundle, and we’re picking up the sales tax on all of our items for in-person sales. This week only!

Holiday Center

Look for us in person at the Holiday Center in Duluth all next week. We’ll have products for immediate sale, and we’re offering a limited time deal on all items: You pay NO sales tax! Chester Creek is picking up your sales tax for sales at the Holiday Mall this week only. Stop on by and say hello!

Holiday Center
207 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802

Gift Wrapping too

Everyone loves unwrapping pressents over the Holidays. Not nearly as many people love spending hours wrapping all their gifts. Luckily for you, we at Chester Creek are offering a gift wrapping service this holiday season. Any product, gift wrapped right here, for $5.00 a product. Just select YES from the drop down menu when you add the product to the cart. The price of gift wrapping should be added right in to the priceo of the product.
(Wrapping may not look like packages to left in color or style)

Touch Typing

Touch-typing is a skill wherein the typist does not look at the keyboard, enabling him or her to read while typing.  This significantly increases speed of typing as well as accuracy.

Wikipedia has to say of touch-typing:

Touch typing can efficiently bring an average speed typist to 60 words per minute (WPM) fairly quickly and at the same time increase accuracy by great amounts. Upon learning to touch type, comfortable typing speed is expected to be achieved within a month. The typing speed can be increased gradually with regular practice and speeds around 60wpm could be achieved within a year or so. Many websites and software are available to learn touch typing and many of these are free. Learning touch typing can be stressful both to the fingers as well as the mind in the beginning, but once it is learned to a decent level, it exerts minimal stress on the fingers.


Studies have also shown that two-finger typists, also known as “Hunt-and-Peck” typists can reach speeds of about 37 wpm when typing memorized text, and 27wpm when copying text.

On the other hand, the average person using the touch type method can reach an average speed of 50 to 70 wpm with some reaching speeds in excess of 80 to 95 wpm. Some touch-typing experts can even reach speeds pf over 120 wpm. (The Benefits of Learning to Touch Type)

One of the biggest obstacles to learning to touch-type is overcoming the urge to peek at the keys.  Many typing teachers have students drape pieces of cloth over the keyboard.  As someone who experienced this in school, I can tell you what many others would: this is a pain in the behind.  Chester Creek has a solution, however.

Our SpeedSkins fit snugly over all standard keyboards, including MacPro keyboards, and covers only letter, number, and punctuation keys.  Additionally, the product is latex-free, durable, and easily washable, making it great for classroom use. 

Ask about our educators’ discount!

LessonBoard Teaches Kids to Type

Our LessonBoard is a beautiful, standard sized keyboard for those learning to touch type. In a computer saturated world, quick typing is key to success in school and in the work place. The LessonBoard is unique in that the keys are color-coded by finger placement. Here is what a former computer teacher had to say about our LessonBoard. Click to read more.

The LessonBoard exceeded all of my expectations. I would even go so far as to say that if you want to teach a child how to type, either at home or at school, this is the easiest way to avoid stress, tears and arguments.

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Gift Wrapping

Chester is hoping to offer gift wrapping for the coming holiday season. Prices are undetermined as yet. Any thoughts?


Watch out Australia; Here we come! Chester Creeks’ full line of products is now available to our pals in the land down under. Check out Spectronics to order products in Australia and New Zealand.

Can you tell how excited we are about this?

The New Headset

Head PhonesChest Creek offers a great, high-quality, comfortable, nigh-indestructible pair of headphones for use at home, at work, and at school — anywhere you need them. Because they are wonderful noise reducers, these may be an ideal solution for classrooms or computer labs where unwanted conversations can distract. For the same reason, many individuals find them to be perfect for noisy chores and work, such as mowing the lawn. With padding on the ears and on the band, they sit comfortably, and this pair of headphones will adjust to fit pretty much anyone. As an added bonus, the ear pads and the padding on the band are washable vinyl, making cleaning and sanitization a breeze. Stereo sound will always be crystal clear, and these headphones feature an in-line volume control.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, have we got a treat for you! Chester Creek will be introducing a new headset, hopefully hitting the site in mid-December. headset These headsets have the same basic body as the headphones but also feature an extendable, adjustable, swinging, and — most important — sturdy boom mic. This mic is just as high quality as the headphones and has recieved great reviews for use in gaming. However, that is not the only thing these headsets can be used for. Plug and play ready, any time you need a good mic and headset, look to Chester Creek for the very best.


Chester Creek is offering a great Holiday deal starting this Monday - 15%  off and free shipping on the FunkeyBoard and FunMouse bundle, thr
– Chester Creek is offering a great Holiday deal starting this Monday – 15% off and free shipping on the FunkeyBoard and FunMouse bundle, through January 1st.

About Us

“In the beginning, there was a Little Mouse™…”
…and one simple goal: to be a progressive and innovative company people rely on for colorful computer keyboards and mice for children, and for individuals with special needs.

The company is located on the scenic shores of beautiful Lake Superior, just a stone’s throw from Chester Creek, a picturesque creek surrounded by towering pines and hardwoods that turn brilliant shades of orange and red each Fall. It’s a peaceful place in Northern Minnesota where the hard edge of technology and the time-honored ideals of rural America converge.

Chester Creek offers a high-tech lineup of functional, fun and affordable computer keyboards and mice for all ages and abilities, keyboards with big, oversized 1″ keys, two-button and one-button tiny mice sized just right for little hands, color-coded and standard-sized keyboards, a color-coded typing tutorial, software and accessories.

Above all, Chester Creek strives to meet our goals everyday, in the products we market and the service we provide. We know that to maintain a superior reputation, we must first earn it. To that end, Chester Creek designs and manufactures “the very best” products, contributes to minimizing environmental burden through the effective application of RoHS and CPSIA standards, and most importantly, makes every effort to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.