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Chester Creek Technologies Receives Two Product Awards

The Mature Market Resource Center is a national program that disseminates
information that is useful to many seniors. Their efforts include National
Senior Health and Fitness day, Mature Fitness USA, Mature Media Awards, and
New Product and Technology Awards, as well as other research services and
online memberships. The New Products and Technology Awards “New Product &
Technology Awards, organized by the Mature Market Resource Center (MMRC),
recognizes the best products, services, and technologies for older adults and
their families.”

Chester Creek Technologies was awarded Bronze Awards for both its Wireless
VisionBoard/Mouse Bundle and its Large-Key Numeric Keypad. “We were
delighted to take part in the third annual New Product & Technology Awards
program this year, and we are honored to be selected as a winner,” said Jim,
our CEO. “Both products are unique to Chester Creek. The big, 1” keys and
bold lettering give people of all ages and abilities renewed independence to
pursue a wider range of activities independently and with greater ease and

Both the wireless VisionBoard and the keypad feature extra-large keys (1” x 1”), as well as high-contrast, large lettering. The Vision Board also comes in wired varieties in black-on-white, white-on-black, and black-on- yellow. These keyboards are not just easier to read for many individuals, but can when combined with a keyguard, they also be easier to use for those who suffer from stiff joints, limited motion, or tremors in their hands.

Black History Month – Important Contributions to Technology

February is Black History Month! During February, observance of Black History Month can include museum
exhibits, discussion, recitals, and the study and examination of important
moments, people, and discoveries in black history. Some important figures in
African-American history and technology are listed here:

George Washington Carver, one of the most well-known African American
scientists in early American history, is known for developing new applications
for several agricultural products, like peanuts.

Thomas Jennings was the first African American to receive a patent.

James Edward West holds approximately 250 patents on microphones and related

Cordell Reed made progress in the field of nuclear power.

Philip Emeagwali developed the fastest supercomputer software in the world in

Patricia Bath was the first African American female doctor to receive a patent
for a medical device.

Mark Dean helped invent improvements that allowed IBM compatible PCs to all use
the same accessories and peripheral devices.

Otis Boykin helped invent and then improve the Electrical Resistor used in
TVs, radios, computers, and many other devices.

John Henry Thompson invented programming used in Macromedia Director and

More historically important African American scientist and Inventors can be
found here. ( Learn more
about Black History on the History Channels’ website here (

Learn to Type in 2012

Around this time of year, a lot of people are diligently chipping away at their New Year’s resolutions.  It might be to lose weight or just to get healthier.  Maybe quit smoking, drinking, chewing, [insert habit here], etc… Some people promise themselves they will take up a new hobby, like jogging, reading more, or a craft.  Usually, we stick with the resolutions at first, but it gets harder and harder as time goes on.  They seem less urgent, and other things come up.  That always seems to happen right around the end of the month, for me at least. 

One practical New Year’s resolution is to learn to type.  This skill can make many things easier, from email communication to work.  Typing correctly will increase speed and accuracy, making all things computer-related a lot less of an effort or hassle.  I know I probably send close to 100 emails a day some weeks, and I cannot imagine how long that would take or how far behind I would get if I didn’t know how to type.  I am so glad I learned young. 

Learning to type doesn’t have to be a chore you work at in hour-long chunks every day.  It can be so much easier than practicing lines again and again. 

With Chester Creek’s color coded LessonBoards, good typing skills develop as you go about your business, surfing the web, responding to emails, typing up memos for work.  Our LessonBoards help you find the keys you need more quickly by color coding them.  The LessonBoard helps teach you good habits by color coding by finger.  It’s easy to know which finger goes for which button.  At first, you’ll be glancing down fairly frequently, but soon it’ll be a breeze.  Our LessonBoard Pro is for those wanting to polish their skills.  With no letter’s marked on the keys, you know which fingers are correct, but have to know the keys by heart.  Once you learn that, you won’t have to look down while typing at all.  When you don’t look down at your keyboard, you spot typos more quickly, correct them more easily, and type faster.  Plus, your neck won’t be sore from staring downwards all day!