Getting Organized for Fall

Shopping completed, it’s time for most students to head back to school.  With so many distractions out there, it’s important to stay organized through the school year.  Pro tip: get a planner. Or make a note with smartphone. The time you’ll spend writing things down is worth it to not get a late grade on that big paper.  That goes not just for college  students, but for high school and elementary, as well.

I’ve always found that it helps to get settled back in for the new year. (September seems more like a new year than January to me.  January isn’t even a change of seasons.)  For me this means devoting some time to getting things arranged the way I like them:  stapler tucked away over here, scissors in this box, pen cup over there…  It seems to help me be more productive.

And never forget to add some style.  Unless you like the minimalist look, make sure you have at least one funky piece of desk-stuff.  Get a flowery pen cup/bag, or decorate your binder/inbox with photos.  Make your work space both organized and unique, to make this year as productive as possible.

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