January 28th is Fun at Work Day!

Work is not something that is usually fun for most people.  If it was fun all the time, they probably wouldn’t pay us for it, right?  For most people, we get up, go to work, drink coffee, do work, drink more coffee, and wait for five to roll around.  Some days work is satisfying or even fulfilling for some.  And sometimes it can be fun.  But mostly, for most people, it’s just work. So let’s spice it up on National Fun at Work Day!  Plan to have everyone wear silly hats.  Have a themed day, like Hawaiian.  Decorate a little.  Have an office golf tourney over lunch break, or short rounds of marbles throughout the day on break time. 

It’s important to bring some fun into the work place.  Happy workers are more efficient, for one thing.  For another, stresses that work can cause can cause physical harm to you.  On a day-to day level, you can make work more fun or relaxing by adding little touches to your environment, be it picture frames, wacky desk accessories, or beautiful computer background.  Remember to take a break every hour or two just to get up and stretch for a moment.  It’ll help you relax and help increase important blood flow to your lower half.

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