Recent Google Update

Google, search-engine giant and otherwise non-evil company of tremendous technological stuff, has recently updated its privacy policies.  This move consolidated the privacy policies of many of their services into one, allowing for data to be shared across services (i.e. your schedule and your docs work together, etc.).  Many individuals raised concerns about data being less secure, though I am not among them.
Google was keeping the same information before. They just combined some of it.  In any case, following this update they’ve now released something else I found interesting.

Because the data from various services is being combined, they are now able to offer users a compiled monthly report on the user’s own activity.

This will allow users to track their activity across all Google services that they are signed into.  The product was announced this past Wednesday.  “Every day, we aim to make technology so simple and intuitive that you stop thinking about it – we want Google to work so well it just blends into your life, but sometimes it’s
helpful to step back and take stock of what you’re doing online,” wrote a Google product manager.  This feature can also help you keep your information more secure.  “Knowing more about your own account
activity also can help you take steps to protect your Google Account.  For example, if you notice sign-ins from countries where you haven’t been or devices you’ve never owned, you can change your password immediately and sign up for the extra level of security provided by two-step verification.”

This report also allows you some insight as to exactly what the company does know about you.  Based
upon my February report, they know I use an Android phone, a Windows computer, AT&T cell service, and Charter internet. Frankly, I was expecting more. However, when I thought about it, I realized that I am seldom signed in to a Google browser while doing most web surfing.

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