Speaking of criss-crossing the map…

Speaking of criss-crossing the map, Chester Creek is traveling to Taipei! Next week, three of our diligent workers will be hopping on a much-too-long flight over a little water in order to attend the world’s second largest  computer exhibition (second only to CeBit)!  In fact, the show takes up not one or two but five full conference halls!  Since it is not open to the public, that is a lot of tech professionals.

Computex Taipei is an annual show that sees tens of thousands of foreign buyers, including Chester Creek.  In addition to buyers, this conference also attracts hordes of journalists, analysts, observers, and others.  This show will also be the platform from which some of the most important and possibly revolutionizing products of the year are unveiled.  Many of these products will not be consumer ready for several months, however.  Check out some of the great new products on display at the conference here!

Look for our report on the conference in the weeks to come!

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