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It’s Sale Time…

wrappingIt is that time of the year when Chester Creek Technologies is all about giving!  We are about to kick off the Holiday season and we are doing it with a bang this year.  Watch for the FIRST sale – a four day sale – to start before Thanksgiving and then ANOTHER 12 DAY, that’s right – 12 day! – sale to start on Cyber Monday, December 2, 2013.  We are passing along many savings to our valued customers and cannot wait to share them with you!  We hope you all take advantage and get the technology gadgets you want for the Holidays.

Happy Holidays from the Chester Creek staff!

Words of the Year & Shameless CCT Plugs (It is our blog, after all.)

As the end of the year draws nearer, Merriam-Webster has compiled a list of the top words of 2010.

10. At the bottom of this list is furtive. M-W defines this as
“done by stealth : surreptitious.”

It makes the list because of the failed Times Square bombing in May. The bomber was described as looking furtively around. Used in a sentence:

No need for furtive, Christmas Eve wrapping – Chester Creek now offers gift wrapping!

9. Coming in at number nine is dissident, meaning, “disagreeing especially with an established religious or political system, organization, or belief; non-conformist.”

It makes the list due to the Novel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who is often described as China’s best known dissenter.

Feeling a need to break the conformity of your office space? Try a fun and funky keyboard from Chester Creek. They’re not just for kids anymore. (Our own Tasha uses a FunKeyBoard at her desk)

8. Eighth on the list is ebullient, “having or showing liveliness and enthusiasm.”

This word was used by many journalists to describe the atmosphere of joy surrounding the rescue of the Chilean miners. Used in a sentence,

Looking forwards to an ebullient Christmas morning? Everyone will love a Chester Creek keyboard or mouse!

7. Ringing in at seven is shellacking,
“a decisive defeat : drubbing.”

President Obama said

Now, I’m not recommending for every future president that they take a shellacking like I did last night. I’m sure there are easier ways to learn these lessons

of the 2010 elections.

While that is already a good example of use in a sentence, I’ll go ahead and throw in my own:

No need for your checkbook to take a shellacking this holiday season. Save money on our FunKey Bundle Special!

6. Sixth on the list is doppleganger. M-W defines doppleganger as, “someone who looks like someone else,” or, to put it simply, a person’s “double.”

Now, I’ll admit it. I don’t have a clever (haha) little plug for Chester Creek using the word doppleganger. So, here goes a completely unrelated example:

You look so much like Ally Sheedy from the Breakfast Club, you could be her doppleganger!

(I actually hear this all the time.)

Check back later in the week for the Top Five Words of the Year.

Adventure Time!

This work week started with a short adventure at Chester Creek.  Jim, owner/entrepeneur/businessman/etc. decided it would be nice to be able to send out personal Holiday cards or emails this year.  And we should take a picture of the staff.  And it should have something to do with Duluth, because we are a local small business in a very unique location.  So we piled in a couple vehicles and drove to Coppertop Church
This is a local landmark, a big Methodist Church on top of the hill.  Duluth is a loing, narrow city, sprawled along the lakeshore, and Coppertop is more or less in the middle.  This morning, because it was so cold (ten below), there were billows of fog gusting around on the lake.  It was really very pretty with a boat coming in.  This is (probably) the boat we saw this morning.  It is called the Hero, and it is from Malta.
Here is one last picture of the Lake, a bit warmer now in the afternoon and with less fog. 
You can watch the ships coming into the harbor in real time by clicking here.
It was nice to be out and about, but it sure was cold today!