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We’re in AMORE with our Italian Distributors

Today, we’re making a stop-over in Italy. Our map will soon be all criss-crossed with dotted lines. Chester Creek has two main distributors in Italy. While I will include links to their websites, everything is in Italian, so you’ll likely need to settle for my CliffsNotes version.

Helpicare is one of our two Italian distributors. They feature a wide spread of services and offer their products and services across several EU countries. Beyond just tools, training, and resources, Helpicare also focuses on partnerships with other organizations to foster accessibility environmental control, and home automation. Founded in 2001, Helpicare has managed to become one of the largest assistive-technology companies in Italy.

Our other Italian distributor, Albamatic, focuses more on the products themselves.  Their selection ranges from simple switches to home automation to educational software.  Both of these companies carry some really cool products, like computer accessories that allow the severely disabled to use their gaze alone to navigate.

Tricky Terms, part one: RoHS

On just about every page on the Chester Creek website, you’ll see this phrase: RoHS Compliant.

Now, most people shrug that phrase off, assume it means something good, and move on. To be honest, before I started working at Chester Creek, I had never heard the acronym, either. In fact, most people in the US probably have either not heard of RoHS or haven’t paid any attention to it.

This is because RoHS stands for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive,” (the D must be silent) and directive doesn’t sound much like a US law term, that is because it’s not.  The RoHS directive is a European Union directive that took affect in mid-2006 in all the member states of the EU.  While Chester Creek is not based in the EU (think Minnesota), and our keyboards are not made in the EU, CCT has chosen to make it’s products available to EU countries.  Moreover, while RoHS is not law in the states, it does provide strict guidelines that Chester Creek has chosen to adhere to.

Ahh, now we come to the heart of the matter.  Just what are those guidlines, you ask?  Probably a good question, since we’re three paragraphs in, with nary a hint of the actual, practicable meaning of the term.

RoHS restricts use of:

These are substances that are found or have in the past been found in a large number of consumer electronics across a broad spectrum of devices, including batteries, lamps, paints, and vinyl.  Heavy metals like lead and mercury are widely known to be dangerous, but low-level toxicity results from use of the other restricted materials.  Chester Creek strives to produce only the highest-quality computer accessories, bringing you the safest, sturdiest, and funnest (if you know what I mean, how is it not a word?) products on the market.