The New Headset

Head PhonesChest Creek offers a great, high-quality, comfortable, nigh-indestructible pair of headphones for use at home, at work, and at school — anywhere you need them. Because they are wonderful noise reducers, these may be an ideal solution for classrooms or computer labs where unwanted conversations can distract. For the same reason, many individuals find them to be perfect for noisy chores and work, such as mowing the lawn. With padding on the ears and on the band, they sit comfortably, and this pair of headphones will adjust to fit pretty much anyone. As an added bonus, the ear pads and the padding on the band are washable vinyl, making cleaning and sanitization a breeze. Stereo sound will always be crystal clear, and these headphones feature an in-line volume control.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, have we got a treat for you! Chester Creek will be introducing a new headset, hopefully hitting the site in mid-December. headset These headsets have the same basic body as the headphones but also feature an extendable, adjustable, swinging, and — most important — sturdy boom mic. This mic is just as high quality as the headphones and has recieved great reviews for use in gaming. However, that is not the only thing these headsets can be used for. Plug and play ready, any time you need a good mic and headset, look to Chester Creek for the very best.

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