Sinister Squirrels Secretly Sabotage

A bunch of optical fibers

Optical Fibers

Fiber optic communicationis an exciting alternative to traditional electrical transmission.  Using fiber optics, we can transmit information at even greater rates than with copper wiring that is often common.  Information is transmitted through fiber optical cable by sending pulses of light, which forms an electromagnetic wave.  These waves are formulated to carry information.  Once the light pulses reach their destination, it is converted into an electrical signal.    The bandwidth available over fiber optics is staggering, but limited by the distance information must travel.  Lately, we’ve noticed large spools of fiber optics being put in along the roads near where I grew up.  This is even more exciting because like many areas in the region, the only internet service currently available there is dial-up.  I know.  Terrifying.

Squirrel eatin' a peanut

Sinister Squirrel eats his peanut

How do you feel about squirrels?  They’re pretty cute, huh?  All furry and chittery, eating their acorns and stuff.  Not so much if you grew up in the country.  Squirrels are noisy.  They get into everything.  They eat the brid seed.  They eat your one change at escaping dial-up…

That’s right, these diurnal rodents are responsible for a large amount of the damage to fiber optics cables, causing extensive and expensive destruction to the cables.  This not only costs the fiber optics companies money, it also slow the spread of the fiber optics network.

If I had any sympathy for squirrels after they infested my grandparent’s basement one winter, it’s certainly gone now.

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