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Lingnan led the way,sunglasses online, rushed straight into it. Chen Xuan cream and Chou Zhongping,cheap ray bans, was also quick to follow up. Once inside, it is a vast hall full. Trio face has changed. Hall, in addition to the thick dome propped upright, but only the floor of the body, with absolutely no less than hundreds. These corpses, and even lack Cultivation. Montreal is obviously not at the same time the bodies of dead in here, this dress and the color from the blood can be seen. But three still felt a tingling scalp, here in the end is what ?

ray ban outlet Want to come in, since the zombies come out from here, here will inevitably quirky. Say to cheap ray bans the repair, never fear these things. But even here cheap ray bans no thought of how so many lying dead on Cultivation of which have dozens of people are afraid. At this moment, no doubt the trio into a cheap ray bans in the end what kind of burial, here is what people masters. If orthodox Cultivation, then why would people turn into zombies arrange arranged in their tombs ?

Here is quite strange, if you want to make way ? Chou Zhongping warble. This is not ray ban sunglasses not courage, but saw the bodies of Cultivation after cheap ray bans break here already knew he barely survive. Cultivation who are dead even, cheap ray bans a Warrior, how could survive. Another one-sided hall there is a door that looks rather like the only exit. But Chou Zhongping the moment but want to make way. Too late, come !suddenly opening, then took the two men away in one corner of the hall.

My heart is full of murderous priests, but sullenly, God will lap two low-grade tear line breaks, put on a forty began with a break in the product. This kind of thing, in the Kunlun Road were many internal Crescent City, dozens of pieces of these large denominations began to run only a small number of disciples. Lingnan this time actually do not intend to run, flash stature they rushed priests. But, in addition to still control the fly kingfisher, the right hand is actually carrying handle on sunglasses online steel sword. Taoist sneered, reaching a shot at the waist, edged naked flashing feijian rushed out Zhanxiang cheap ray bans whole body is constantly attack the green light curtains fly kingfisher.Is a look at the other side of feijian Need feijian, be much worse than Fei Fei. cheap ray bans cheap ray bans Hands of steel sword is hard hit, the speed is actually faster than the sort of Fei Fei, fired at each other's feijian. Taoist full of disdain, mind control feijian, hands are moving up, blink of an eye on changing a few mysterious Indian tactics, more fishes floating in the palm of the silver. Spirit pupil tactic very sharp reaction to the energy, Lingnan felt kind of silver in each palm as if to gushing out of a destructive force, stature quickly retreat, did not forget to recover feijian.

No Shizhan Qing Miao escape, Lingnan speed inevitably compare feijian. Fortunately feijian just close to the time, ray ban outlet it pushed thick soil cover, effortlessly feijian Dangxia. Top grade defense instruments ? Taoist heart is a joy, magic hands are finally completed, the number of road with a very miserable white teeth ache Leiguang squeak from cheap ray bans hands jump out, are like the snake -like flock Lingnan speed than feijian it is a little faster. Road to the Lord to die ! Taoist mouth loud shout, quickly removed from the storage bag a silver instruments again, chasing away stature.

Five Leizheng Gang Kunlun Road surgery orthodox Ray spells, from the lowest level of Otsuki Ray tactic began to legendary God of Thunder Otsuki, a total of five levels of real thunder in repair Once upon a quite famous. As these priests currently have access to only Otsuki Ray tactic. However, for an outlay of their own half ray ban sunglasses real dollars before the release of Otsuki really mine extremely confident, even if the other party has a top grade defense instruments, there is absolutely unstoppable attack that few really mine. Next, cheap ray bans do, of course, while the other was up on the true lightning hit last look.

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